Become A Sponsor

Events are a way to engage and galvanize the community, educate the community on the initiatives worth supporting, and unify stakeholders and partners. The events are a way of reaching out to the community and satisfy the financial needs of the Partnership uses to impact our community positively.

Events under the Partnership's Great Umpqua brand act as important motivators for tourism. Statistics show that tourists are attracted to an area because of various kinds of events therefore the development of tourism in a particular destination is directly concerned with the development of these types of events. If you look at the destinations that gained popularity in recent times, you'll find out that the flow of tourists to this place began after successful events were established. Events are the trigger to attract visitors to a particular destination thus growing the economy as a whole.

We need your help - Our community and business leaders - to invest in the growth of Douglas County. Let's get Douglas County and your business on the map.

If you would like to be a partner, contact Leah at or 541-464-3527