The Great Umpqua Outdoor Days



N.U.T Cracker Mountain Bike Race

Fort Umpqua Days, Elkton

Art by the Bay, Winchester Bay

The Umpqua Bash


The Vineyard Tour Road Bike Ride

Fort Umpqua Days, Elkton

Art by the Bay, Winchester Bay

Give a proper sendoff to the summer with a weekend of great outdoor activities!

Douglas County plays host to some of the most scenic regions in all of Oregon. It’s been nicknamed “The Land of 100 Valleys,” “the new Napa,” and “the next Bend”. With 79-miles of epic trails on the North Umpqua Trail, more than a dozen waterfalls, world-renown fly fishing, more than 70 vineyards, and a plethora of farms - this untapped gem nestled in Southern Oregon is the ultimate outdoor playground. And there is no better time to play than Labor Day weekend where the weather is perfect, the wine is prime, and The Great Umpqua Outdoor Days event provides visitors with a lineup of events from mountains to coastline, and all within a few-hour drive. 

Great Umpqua Outdoor Days Events

Event Details

The Bash!

Come bid farewell to summer at the Umpqua Bash on Saturday, August 31 at Stewart Park in Roseburg. Join in on the post-race fun as N.U.T.Cracker Mountain Bike Race participants celebrate cracking the N.U.T.!

The N.U.T Cracker Race

With a start at the pristine Lemolo Lake Resort, you and your friends and family will have the ultimate opportunity to visit the Diamond Lake area and take on this point-to-point challenge on Labor Day weekend.

Art By The Bay

Head to the beautiful Winchester Bay for the annual Art by the Bay event. Artists from all over Oregon bring their crafts so visitors can experiences their skills. Enjoy food, entertainment, and more!

Fort Umpqua Days

Experience history and scenery with the annual Fort Umpqua Days in Elkton! Visit exhibits, join a parade, and enjoy a wide variety of historic themed activities. There's even a bass fishing tournament!

The Umpqua Valley Vineyard Bike Tour

Cycle through back country roads in the beautiful Umpqua Valley wine country, stopping at multiple vineyards along the way! Experience the scenery of the Umpqua Valley!

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