On September 17th, 2017, UEDP Executive Director, Wayne Patterson journeyed to Salem, Oregon on the invitation to tour the Salem Career and Technical Education Center. The center is a facility where students can integrate core academics like math or reading, with hands on technical skills that are just as valuable to their future. Here they gain real-world experience through participation in school based enterprises, project based learning or internships. Many of their programs offer college credit or lead to industry recognized certifications and credentials.


If a student is in the Pelham, Pinkerton, Salem, Timberlane or Windham high schools, then they can attend the Salem CTE. There is no cost for CTE tuition or transportation. Salem CTE is free to the student.


Then comes the actual hands on learning that builds confidence and experience.

Salem CTE offers a different approach to education. By providing hands-on real-world experience, students can learn the way that works best for them. They learn the necessary skills for success in the working world right out of high school, or they can get transfer credits for college programs.


Salem CTE offers a wide variety of programs that range from automotive technology, and biomedical science to teacher preparation and television & media production.


Wayne could see fist-hand the students, the class interaction and the self-determination in the students as they learned real-world employable skills.

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